Pepperdine EdD: From Guitar Man to Soundman & Back

Becoming Part of a Worship Team: From Guitar Man to Soundman & Back

Learning Something New Project ED770B: Learning & Design II Pepperdine University EdD Ed Tech Program

This video was created for my “Learning & Design” class (ED770) for my online doctorate program at Pepperdine University for the Spring semester 2005. The assignment was to learning something new and explore the community aspect of learning. I chose to chronicle my work with my church beginning with trying to put together a causal/impromptu group of musicians to ending up learning how to run a soundboard and learning lead guitar. JBB

Written, Taped & Edited by Joe Bustillos
Recorded on location in Long Beach and Newport Beach, California, Spring 2005
Special Thanks to Vineyard Christian Fellowship Newport’s Worship Team Leader, Keith “Sugar Mountain” Matten, and team members:
Jonathan, Garrett, Laurie, Heidi, Mike, Tony, Orlia, Marcel and Dale, the long-suffering “church mom” Michelle Matten, and to my soundbooth buddy, Bethany Dawson, you’re awesome.

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